I had my first taste of agile development at the end of 2004 and started actively applying agile from 2005. During the course of my career I got opportunity to handle a diversity of projects (mostly products) which normally came with wide feature sets, lots of unknown, along with conflicting priorities and risks.

During all of this I came to learn, that there is no “the way” to address such projects, but there are always some things that we would prefer our process assists and generate so that we can add value to our client earlier and faster. And that’s exactly what the agile manifesto professes. Over time, I have found the agile to be a “more natural way” to manage such projects.

My intent, for writing this blog is to share with you, the learning I have had over the years and try to explain, how by following the agile way, we almost always came up on top. It is very difficult to change the mind set of software professional and my goal is to de-mystify agile as much as possible , from a practical implementation perspective.


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